Cowley RMO – Here supporting our residents & our community

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Dear Cowley Residents,

Cowley RMO – Here supporting our residents, our community

As you would have been aware, a new Cowley Board was formed at the last Annual General Meeting held on Monday 16th September 2019. I am humbled that I have been elected to be the Chair of the Organisation and my fellow Board Members, consisting of tenants and leaseholders, who are some of the most thoroughly committed volunteers working for the advancement of our community. Since we were elected in September 2019, we have been very busy working with the Housing Staff, Ward Councillors and other agencies to ensure that Our Vision for Cowley is achieved.

This letter was intended to have come out to you before the lockdown but as we all know we are living in unprecedented times and there has been several disruptions to lives and means.

The Cowley Board and Staff team are working to keep you supported & updated with all the local developments around the lockdown & Covid-19, including all of the actions we have put in place for you and your loved ones, in this uncertain time and beyond.

Contained in this issue of your newsletter you will find information on what you need to know and local support that is available. Visit our Facebook page for more information

I would also like to assure you that the Board continues to be very passionate about the community and is putting the Community at the heart of all that we do and the decisions we make. We aim to ensure that excellent services are provided for all residents.

The Board continues to be committed to:

  • Ensuring that the Housing Staff, provide an efficient service for all residents
  • Encourage the togetherness of our community with social & developmental opportunities
  • Encourage and welcome leaseholders to join the wider conversation about our estate and our homes
  • In light of Austerity Measures, ensuring our residents are not dis-advantaged and that we continue to build on the values outlined in the Business Plan for the Estate.

If you wish to speak to or meet with myself or any of the Board Members or if you have an idea you wish to share on things we can improve together, including making changes for the development of our estate and our homes, please feel free to contact me: Shelly Ann Brown, Chair, Cowley RMO on 020 7926 0690 or by email @


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