Fire risk action

May 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Following increased concerns over fire risk in Lambeth Council owned properties,
the Council has recently reviewed their fire safety policies and procedures. As a
result, Lambeth council are now enforcing a zero tolerance policy on combustibles
and obstructions in communal areas. This means that all residents who have flower
pots, doormats, and even hanging baskets, should remove them from the communal
All communal areas must be kept fire sterile at all times to prevent a fire risk. Fire
Sterile means that residents are not permitted to use the communal walkway for
anything other than walking to and from your property.
Communal areas must be free of combustible material, ignition sources and
obstructions. All Lambeth Council properties with communal areas are for access
and egress only. This especially applies to Cowley Estate RMO as the communal
walkways are narrow. No exceptions would apply.
The communal areas belong to the landlord- Lambeth Council who is subject to The
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
We are asking that all residents comply and remove your flowerpots and other items
from the entrance of your front door which is the communal area as soon as
possible. Cowley Estate RMO caretakers will be moving all obstructions including
flowerpots on the communal walkway effective week beginning April 26th, 2021.
Please note failure to comply is a breach of your tenancy/leasehold agreement and
the Council is resolved to taking action to keep all residents safe.
Please discuss with the RMO if you have any concerns about any of the issues
raised in this letter.


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