Information for All Residents

Your home is important to you and Cowley RMO and Lambeth Home Ownership Department provide a range of services to you as one of our Homeowners.
The below pages hold all the information you need to know about your homes.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We want you to be happy in your home and local community and take anti-social behaviour seriously.

Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable behaviour which can cause a nuisance or annoyance to other people.

Anti-social behaviour is a serious breach of the Tenancy agreement all tenants sign when they move into one of our homes.

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour covers a range of activities that affect people’s enjoyment of their homes and neighbourhoods and may include:

  • Noise
  • Graffiti
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Drug or alcohol related nuisance
  • Verbal abuse, and harassment

How To Report Anti-Social Behaviour

There are a number of ways you can report non-emergency cases of anti-social behaviour, including harassment:

  • Click here to report anti-social behaviour online.
  • By phone: 020 7926 0690 (during office hours)
  • In person at Cowley RMO office.

Request a Repair

Our Repair Standards

Cowley RMO staff aim to provide you with the best possible repairs service to your home and communal areas.

The repairs service forms part of your tenancy agreement and this charter contains clear information regarding the level of service you can expect from us.

Cowley value’s your opinion and strive to provide you with the best possible service, we can do this with your help. Please ensure that you complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey which will be presented to you by our operative upon completion of your repair.

How to Request a Repair

  • By telephone – Please contact Faith Gomes Repairs service –  0207 926 5459
  • Repairs – Emergency contact number to report repairs: 0207 926 3136 (during office hours)
  • In person – Please come into the estate housing office at, 147 Brixton Road, SW9 6LZ
  • By Email – Please remember to include your contact details
  • Contact Lambeth Council for emergencies – 0207 926 1000 for Communal heating
  • Smith & Byford for individual heating, hot water and radiators – 0800 977 8607 (24/7)
  • For emergency/suspected gas leak – By contacting Transco Ltd on 0800 111999
  • Out of hours TWD – 0208 869 3955 (5pm – 8am) and at weekends

How Our Staff or Contractors will Work in Your Home

  • Have the appropriate qualifications and/or experience to execute the required work
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Show identification before entering your property
  • Be clean and tidy
  • Not to start work outside your property without letting you know
  • Arrange appointments with you if access is required
  • Keep safe all materials and equipment used
  • Clear up after the work is complete
  • Not to use audio equipment without your prior permission
  • Not smoke in your property
  • Use dust sheets and protective covers to protect your possessions
  • Ensure that at the end of each day you have working gas, water, electrical, heating and cooking services or an alternative
  • Respect your cultural priorities or personal circumstances
  • Take meal and comfort breaks away from your property.

Tips for Tackling Damp & Mould Problems

Practical tips and advice on how to reduce and stop damp in your home. View or download our guide here.

Estate Cleaning

Cowley RMO is committed to providing a high quality estate cleaning service.

You can help us improve our service by:

  • Reporting incidents to the estate office
  • Telling us your concerns regarding the estate cleaning
  • Showing consideration for your neighbours by disposing of your household rubbish in the steel bins provided
  • Treating employees of the RMO the same way you wish to be treated
Our Estate Cleaning Commitments
  • Litter and dog waste bins – Emptied at least once a week
  • Bulk waste collection service – A full collection of bulky items dumped on the estate will be carried out twice per week, on a Tuesday and Thursday
  • Human excrement – Will be cleared on the same day it is reported
  • Dead Animals- Will be collected and disposed of on the same day they are reported.
  • Dog Fouling -Will be removed on the same day the request is received
  • Refuse Bins – Emptied three times a week. Bin chambers deep cleaned every three months
  • Communal Balconies – Swept at least twice a week and washed at least once every six weeks
  • Lift Lobby’s and London Electricity Board (LEB) cupboards on balconies – Will be cleaned at least annually
  • Communal Stairs – Swept at least twice a week, mopped at least once every six weeks with communal window cleaning taking place quaterly
  • Communal Walk Ways– Swept at least twice a week
  • Graffiti – removed within 24 hours of being reported; offensive or racist graffiti removed the same day
  • Abandoned Vehicles – Vehicles that do not pose any risk to the public will be removed within 7 days of being reported
  • Hazardous Vehicles (for instance, those that are burnt out or in a dangerous position) will be removed within 24 hours of being reported
  • Fly Tipping – Removed within 48 hours of being reported
  • Trip Hazards – Hazards highlighted for repair and made safe the same day the request is received
  • Spillages in Communal Areas – Removed the same day as reported
  • Inspections – Property inspections will take place on a fortnightly basis; estate walkabouts held quarterly. All residents are invited to attend quarterly estate inspections.
  • Grassed areas – Will be cut at least three times a month between April and September
  • Abandoned vehicles that fail to comply with Cowley regulations will be removed, Cowley regulations include: Valid Road Tax, Up to date MOT or Valid Cowley resident’s or visitors permit.

Housing for Elderly Residents

I am retired and would like to move to a smaller home, what are my options?

  • You may apply for a smaller property by registering for transfer.
  • If you wish to exchange your home for a smaller one, you may be able to move under Lambeth’s Tenants Incentive Scheme (TIS). Residents who move under this scheme receive £500 for each room vacated. Please contact the estate office for further details.
  • If you are over 55 you may apply for sheltered housing. Sheltered housing is a specialist type of accommodation and service which enables older people to continue to enjoy life in the community as independently as possible, with the benefit of friendship, support and security.
    If you would like to find out more about Lambeth’s sheltered accommodation scheme please contact the estate office.

I wish to remain in my home, what services can you provide?

Cowley RMO recognises that this is a long wait for many residents and has designated a limited resource to provide aids and adaptations to people to make living in their home much easier.

We can for examples; fix handrails to stairs and bath areas, erect access ramps, lower plug sockets, change tap heads. We can also provide competitive quotations to supply and install shower units. Please contact the estate office for further details.

Cowley and the Cloisters Elderly Group

The Cloisters is a secure residential home made up of 45 one bedroom flats which are tenanted by residents aged 55 and over. The Cloisters also offer a guess house that can be rented short term by the Cloisters resident’s friends and family members. Cowley ensures that The Cloisters are able to benefit from all of the services that we provide, this includes repairs and cleaning services, managing complaints and inclusion with all of our events.

Pest Control

Cowley Estate Pest Control service is completed annually by Pestforce Ltd.

The estate is covered by a block program which includes wasp nests, mice, rats and cockroaches. Pigeons or ants are not included in the program.

If you have a pest problem please contact the estate office on 020 7926 0690/0697, for further assistance.

If you have a pest problem please complete this form.

9 + 6 =

Parking Permits

Cowley RMO operates estate parking regulations across the estate, this is managed and delivered by P4Parking.

All vehicles parked on Cowley Estate will need to display a valid parking permit. If you do not have the valid information required, you will be ticketed.

You are entitled to a resident permit for each vehicle registered at your Cowley Estate home address, up to a maximum of 2 vehicles.

Cowley Estate Parking

Each Cowley household is entitled to purchase a maximum of 50 visitors parking permits per financial year which runs from April 1st to March 31st the following year. Once you have exceeded the maximum amount of permits allowed, Cowley will not issue any additional visitors permits and you will need to find alternative parking for your visitors.

Visitors parking permits can be used only once and will become void if more than one date is displayed. We will not refund or replace such permits.

You can purchase up to 5 visitors parking permits at a time. Once you have purchased 30 visitors permits in a year, we will send you a letter to advice of this.

ALL residents are to attend the Cowley Office to purchase both visitors and resident parking permits as they will no longer be given to family members or friends, unless it has been discussed and agreed that a resident is unable to attend our office due to illness, disabilities or being over the age of 65.

Cowley would also like to add that both residents and visitors parking permits are only valid within the Cowley estate and not on the surrounding roads e.g. Vassal Road and Normandy Road. Therefore Cowley is not responsible for any penalty charge notices that are issued on any of the surrounding roads.

Residents parking permits

In order for Cowley to issue a residents parking permit, residents must first produce:

  • A valid insurance document with the tenant as the named driver.
  • A log book or V5 document displaying the Cowley address.
  • Valid MOT that has at least 6 months ahead of the permit request date.
  • Valid road tax that has at least 6 months ahead of the permit request date.

Please bring the above to the Cowley office or if you are unable to come into the office, please email us at

In the exceptional circumstances that a temporary residents’ permit is issued to a tenant i.e. renting a hire car for longer than 3 months, using a courtesy car or using a company car, all of the above is required along with a headed letter addressed to Cowley from the company that is providing the car giving confirmation of your use of the vehicle. The letter should also include:

  • Your full name.
  • Your address.
  • Vehicle details.
  • Duration of time for your use of the vehicle.

Please note that a maximum of 2 resident’s permits can be issued per household.

Elderly Residents Permits

The permit is issued to our elderly residents to give to their visitors to park on a temporary basis and to be returned back to the elderly person when the visit ends. The elderly residents’ permit is not to be used to park on a permanent basis and should not be stuck on the windscreen of vehicles in place of either resident or visitors permits.

Any residents, visitors or elderly permit that is issued and abused will result in the permit being revoked. This includes obstructive parking i.e. blocking entrance to the bike sheds, stairwells or bins, parking on the yellow hatch markings and parking in multiple bays.

Resident parking permit holders that use disabled bays must also display a valid disabled badge along with the residents permit.

Cowley hopes that this information is useful to all residents and are happy to answer any further questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Household Insurance

Cowley RMO does not provide household contents insurance for its residents.

It is recommended that you arrange your own insurance. Lambeth Council does operate competitive insurance cover through Housing Insurance Services for both Tenants and Leaseholder’s.

For further information, please contact 01962 844 454.

Refuse Collection

Lambeth council is responsible for clearing the estate refuse. Our collections are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure you place your household waste in the steel bins provided and do not leave bags on communal walkways or outside the bin chambers, since this affects the appearance of the estate and creates more work for your caretakers.

Bulk Refuse collection

,Bulk waste is collected on Tuesday and Thursday. A bulk item is a sofa, a bed, mattress generally home furnishing.

The bulk refuse is collected from the bin chamber areas throughout the estate. We would appreciate if residents would place all bulky items in these enclosures just before the tipper arrives on collection days so the appearance of the estate is not affected.

Arrangements need to be made for the removal of electrical goods such as washing machines, TV, Fridge freezer.

If you require an item to be collected from your property, we do levy a charge of £10.00 per item. Special rates apply for residents who are elderly and/or disabled. Please contact the estate office for details.


All residents are encouraged to recycle their household waste as much as possible. There are number of green recycling bins situated throughout the estate so please ensure you make full use of them.

If you would like to recycle your waste but are unable to get to the recycle bins, please contact the estate office and we will be happy to assist. If you would like more information regarding recycling please contact the estate office.

Health & Safety

All our safety guidelines will follow government guidance on social distancing and other actions to work safely during Covid-19. Lambeth will look to implement technological solutions to fire safety checks where these are available.

Fire Safety Policy

The overall aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of people in properties owned and managed by Lambeth Council in regards to fire safety and prevention.

Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that fire risk assessments are performed on all relevant Lambeth stock as based upon a building fire risk grading. Lambeth aims to achieve 100% compliance with fire risk recommendations generated from the fire risk assessments where applicable.

Lambeth will take a proportionate and risk-based approach where tenants are unwilling to provide access if they are considered vulnerable. Vulnerability is defined in the Vulnerable Tenants Policy, and also currently includes those in a high risk group who may be concerned about Covid-19.

Tenants are required to provide access to the communal areas of their properties to allow for fire safety works and the annual gas safety check. Their responsibilities are outlined in the Tenants Handbook and Tenancy Agreement.

Lambeth Council will remain responsible for undertaking fire risk assessment and fire safety works for properties containing Leaseholders were the property Freehold still belongs to Lambeth Council. In circumstances where the freehold has been bought out by the private residents Lambeth will no longer be responsible for the performance of fire safety risk assessments and or works arising from such reports. Lambeth will publicise to leaseholders their responsibilities and provide an option to use the council’s contractors to carry out fire safety assessments and works.

Please download the full policy here.

Communal Area Fire Safety Procedure

This procedure sets out how the Council deals with fire safety in communal areas of residential property. The procedure only applies to blocks of flats that the Council own and where it manages the communal areas. The Housing Act 2004 makes requirements regarding the condition of housing including individual flats within a block and the common parts of that block.

This procedure has been written taking into account the fire safety guidance from the Local Government Association, ‘Fire Safety in Purpose Built Blocks of Flats’ (May 2012) that was issued to minimise the threat of fire in blocks of flats.

The likelihood of fire is strongly influenced by social and lifestyle factors. It is these factors more than any other that result in a disproportionate number of fires, fire related accidents, injuries and death in blocks of flats.

Please download the full procedure here.

Procedure: Fire Risk Assessment

This procedure is applicable to Lambeth Housing and should be read in conjunction with the corporate Lambeth Health and Safety policies. This document’s purpose is to detail Lambeth Housing’s procedures for managing fire safety in residential properties.

Please download the full procedure here.

Mobility Scooter Policy

Mobility scooters can improve the quality of life for residents who need assistance with their mobility. The Council recognises our duty under the Equality Act 2010 and will facilitate the use of mobility scooters where possible. Lambeth wants to promote independent living so that people can live in their homes for as long as possible. However, we have to balance these needs against newer fire safety regulations which must take precedence.

This policy sets out our approach to the use, storage and charging of mobility scooters in Lambeth properties. We aim to support residents who wish to use mobility scooters provided this is reasonably practical and does not impact the fire safety of others.

Please download the full policy here.

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