About Cowley

Cowley was established in April 1996 with the aim of focusing on the development and on-going improvement of the estate and fostering a sense of community and wellbeing amongst our residents.

Cowley RMO entered into a Management Agreement with the Council which forms a legally binding contract. It sets out our responsibilities and those of the Council.

We receive a Management and Maintenance Allowance from the Council to enable us to provide the services delegated to us which is based upon what it would cost the Council to provide the same services.

Cowley RMO is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an Industrial and Provident society – registration number 28043R.

Our Vision

We will realise the full potential of our community by building a caring, sustainable organisation focusing on excellence and customer care.

We will develop partnerships to secure influence, continuous improvement and inclusion to explore innovative options for the future of Cowley Estate.

Our vision represents what we believe our Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) is about – putting the community at the heart of all we do and the decisions we make, with the aim of providing an excellent service that meets the needs of our residents.

Our vision and values for our community were developed during a Board/Staff Away day and was built on during several board sessions. A summary version of the Business Plan for Cowley RMO was distributed to all our residents inviting their comments.

Our Structure

All tenants and leaseholders, their partners and adult children over the age of 18 years who are legally resident are entitled to become members. Our registered members each hold a share to the value of £1.

This entitles all members to participate in the decision making processes of the RMO. However the RMO delivers services to all of the residents of the Cowley Estate and the Cloisters Sheltered Housing Scheme whether they are members or not. Our current membership totals some 182 residents made up of 148 tenants and 34 leaseholders representing 560 households.

Cowley is managed by a Management Board currently consisting of some 11 board members and 1 co-optee.

Members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and some can be co-opted through the year to fill vacancies and needs of the organisation. At the first board meeting following the AGM, the board elects its officers: chair, secretary, treasurer and their deputies’.

Our structure allows for a number of sub-committees, responsible for and accountable to the Management Board for certain aspects of the Tenant Management Organisation’s (TMOs) work. These currently include the Finance, Employment, Major Works and Social Sub Committee.

The estate consists of 560 mix tenure properties including the Sheltered Housing Scheme.

Our Board

Priscilla Forbes


Pam Okore


Vanessa Jacques


Kadene Willies

Board Member

Dina Mourao

Board Member

Wendy Reeves

Board Member

Siti Kadege

Board Member

Toyosi Agosa

Board Member

Lilian O’Connell

Board Member

Sheldon Shillingford

Board Member

Sheraine Brooks


Agiatu Bangura


Join Our Board

To become a stakeholder/shareholder you will need to pay £1.00 in to the organisation (Cowley RMO). At this point you can then become a board member. By completing the hustings and board nomination forms attached to the notice of an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and by getting two friends or neighbours on the estate to nominate you by filling in the nomination form and signing it.

Board members can be council residents and leaseholders on the estate. We also welcome independent professional board members.

Return both hustings and nomination forms to estate office for the attention of the RMO Secretary at least 3 working days before the AGM.

If your account, either rent or service charge is in arrears you will not be eligible to be on the Board.

Our board members are currently 13 dedicated residents of Cowley Estate.

You do not need any specialist qualification or experience to become a board member and we particularly welcome residents with professional qualifications in housing/accounting/finance/law and engineering. Tenants are also underrepresented on the board at this time.

Any training required by board members is provided free of charge and reasonable cost of childcare will also be met by Cowley RMO.

If you would like more information regarding become a board member please contact the estate office on 020 7926 0690.

Cowley RMO – Right to Manage

Cowley RMO’s ‘Right to Manage’ is our Management Agreement with the London Borough of Lambeth (The Council).

“These documents below explains the contract that we signed in April 2012 and details all the activities that we (Cowley RMO) are responsible for and those activities retained by the Council”.

Rules of Cowley Resident Management Organisation

The Cowley constitution sets out the rules and regulations of the organisation.

Please click here for the official document.

Get in Touch.


0207 926 0690 / 0697


Suggestions and Feedback

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